Warehouse Floor Marking and Safety Tips


Visual communication and industrial safety go hand in hand: Without clear cues and instructions, employees and visitors in a warehouse setting may be injured. While stop signs and directional cues are some of the most common options, visual communication goes beyond... Continue reading →
Visual Management Methods for Safety and Training


Visual cues—especially those that pair graphics and text—are beneficial as part of an industrial facility’s safety and training programs. This form of communication is easy to recognize and decipher at a glance, so people can make appropriate choices and decide on the... Continue reading →
Implementing Kanban With Visual Cues


In any industrial facility, communication and visual cues can improve day-to-day operations—but what process is best for your facility? In facilities that struggle with production backlogs, excess waste, or defective products coming off the line, a visual management... Continue reading →
Glossary of Lean and 5S Terminology


Lean and 5S strategies can help improve organization and streamline processes, but what does all of the terminology mean? When you’re trying to understand the basics of the 5S Methodology and Lean Manufacturing, it may help to begin with the definitions of the parts... Continue reading →
Important Kaizen Event Roles


A Kaizen Event is a beneficial, action-oriented improvement method that tackles specific goals or needs within a facility, with a quick turnaround due to the narrow scope. Kaizen Events may be used for training, organization, waste elimination, and leadership... Continue reading →
How Do You Organize a Kaizen Event?


Kaizen is a continuous improvement model meant to tackle specific needs within a facility, often related to safety, training, maintenance, or organization. While Kaizen is an ongoing process that focuses on improving working practices and efficacy, implementing Kaizen... Continue reading →
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