Whether you’re looking to offer safe crowd control at a community festival, a school event, a concert, sporting event or at an industrial site, visual cues are important. Manage crowds safely and effectively with these top-of-the-line crowd control solutions. Ideal for defining walkways and holding areas, segregating groups and blocking off certain zones, our crowd management products will bring organization and control to any environment where large groups are expected.

From the ground up, we have solutions to help keep your crowd safe and informed. Check out our sidewalk options, cones, removable signs and cones, plastic netting, gates, stanchions and other barriers. Visual cues keep crowds moving in the right direction and can increase your level of organization at any event.

Our best-selling stanchions come in three options, including light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty stanchions. Each level is constructed from high-density polyethylene plastic containing UV inhibitors for reliable outdoor use. Our stanchions are also fully recyclable and rust-resistant. Our chains (sold separately) are made from strong and durable polyethylene that resists fading and rusting. We offer stanchion chains in 50- and 100-foot lengths and 10 color choices. Our handy Stanchion and Chain Kit is an economical option for people who need both elements.

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